You Are What You Eat…..

You Are What You Eat…..

We’ve all heard it said. You are what you eat. Most of us have heard it so often, and for all of our lives, and don’t really think about the truth in this simple statement.

Our bodies require fuel, just as any car or truck does. Without fuel, a car just won’t run. With poor quality fuel, a car might run, but it will run rough and inefficiently, and damage might be done to the engine. Worst case scenario, it won’t run at all.

Our health and well-being are directly related to the quality of fuel we put into our bodies. Poor quality fuel–fast foods, highly processed foods, “instant” foods, candy, chips, and so on–just don’t contain the necessary nutrients to sustain good health over a period of time. No, we won’t “hurt” ourselves having the occasional fast food taco or hamburger, and goodness knows I still have my own share on a recurring basis, but–and here’s the deal–I do not eat these foods on a daily basis.

I don’t even eat these foods on a weekly basis; probably two or three times a month I’ll endulge a craving, or, out of necessity related either to time or availabity of other options, I’ll have those tacos, or that fish sandwich and fries.

Most of the time, at our house we eat whole foods, as fresh as we can find them. Frozen if fresh isn’t available. By whole foods, I mean that we don’t buy and eat those “dinners in a box” where you “just add water”. Nor do we use the frozen versions of the “complete skillet meal”, though I suspect these might be slightly better for us than the dehydrated forms that come in boxes.

We eat “real” oatmeal, the kind you cook for a few minutes, rather than “instant”. A good rule of thumb is, if it’s “instant”, it is not as good for you. It is not a whole food. Whole foods are still in the form that they came in off the tree, or from out of the ground. Nothing much, if anything, has been done to them.

We’ll be talking more about foods in future posts. For now, for today, think back over the past week and what you’ve eaten. Have you given your body quality fuel? Once, twice, more? If not, why not decide right now to eat an apple today or tomorrow. If you don’t like apples, think of another fruit that you like, maybe a handful of blueberries, a peach, a banana.

Go ahead and have that pizza, for now, if you want; just try to add something whole and full of nutrition, instead of removing something you like. It’s much easier to add in something good, than to give up something you enjoy.

You are what you eat. If you primarily eat “empty calories”, your body will feel empty. I don’t mean hungry, just empty. No real energy, no stamina, no desire to exercise, tired all the time. This is your body telling you that it isn’t getting what it needs.

Eat that apple!