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Where and how do I find/search for a Belly dancing teacher/class?

I live in the Houston, Texas area, and my doctor’s suggest Belly Dancing to help strengthen my mid-section and also work on my posture (my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (http://www.ednf.com) causes my to inadvertently slouch). I can’t even begin to know where or how to find an instructor for this. How would I search the Yellow Pages? What kind of instructor should I look for? What kind of prices should I expect for these lessons? If not in the Yellow Pages, where else can I search for instruction in this art? I’m dying to learn it as it’s fascinated me for quite some time, and now for my doctor’s to tell me it’s perfect exercise for me I’m even more excited and chomping at the bit to get started! I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

You can start checking with your local recreation center to see if they have classes.

Check on this website. http://www.shira.net/
You can look for performers and teachers on this page



other websites where you can look for teachers








Prices of lessons may vary quite a bit, depending on your location, private or group lessons, experience of the instructor, etc.

You can e-mail or call some of the dance instructors to find out more about their background, their style of instruction and what they expect from students. Sometimes you can contact a teacher that is further away than you might want to travel and ask if they know of an instructor who may live closer to you.

I hope you find a teacher that you like. If one teacher’s style doesn’t suit your learning style, try another. I’ve known some dancers to take awhile finding a setting that worked for them. Good luck.

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